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OpenVAS was recently updated to version 8. So during the latest rounds of updates on my kali VMs the update was installed and I was unable to get the openvas-manager service to start. When running service openvas-manager start I was getting “Starting OpenVAS Manager: ERROR” and a message in the openvasmd.log file stating “database is wrong version”. It took me some time to find the fix but was finally able to figure it out.

Note: on one of my VMs I had to run “openvas-mkcert-client -n -i” before I could migrate the database. OpenVAS has a nice little setup check script here (and referenced here too if the previous link is ever broken).

First, we need to migrate the database using the command “openvasmd –migrate”.

Next, we need to update the database using the command “openvasmd –update” (the openvas-manager service must be started)

Then we’ll need to create a new user (not sure why this is necessary since there was one defined previously). To do this run the command “openvasmd –createuser=<user> –role=Admin && openvasmd –user=<user> –new-password=<password>

All that’s left to do now is update the OpenVAS feeds and start the services:

service openvas-scanner stop
service openvas-manager stop
service greenbone-security-assistant stop
service openvas-scanner start
service openvas-manager start
service greenbone-security-assistant restart

I hope this helps someone else as much as it did me.